Wastewater Treatment: CLARIFIERS, SCREENS AND FILTERSBryozoans and sponges are among the most difficult pests plaguing wastewater treatment facilities. They are usually carried in on the feet and feathers of ducks and other waterfowl. Often they grow on the walls and rotor in secondary clarifiers; but they can also clog tertiary filters and interfere with ultraviolet disinfection. A number of management strategies are available, depending on the species and size and configuration of the facility. Once they settle in, these species seldom go away by themselves.Bryo Technologies Wastewater: Many of our clients remove biofouling material by mechanical scrubbing or power washing. This works well in the short term, but the results are only temporary. Tiny dormant seeds left behind in corners and crevices are resistant to chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Bryo Technologies has the only commercial  product developed specifically to eliminate the resistant dormant stages and thus prolong the effects of cleaning.