Additional Services: Bryo Technologies

Specimen Identification: Knowing exactly what is causing your fouling problem is an important early step to remediation. Many fouling organisms look alike but require very different types of treatment. When you request a species identification service we send a small vial with a mild biological fixative and a postpaid envelope. You simply place a pea-sized sample in the vial and return it to us. Within a few days you receive a full report in pdf form, including species identification, photo documentation, and other important information.  The cost for this service is $450.Specific Consultation: Whether you are treating a golf course irrigation system or wastewater equipment there is a high risk of making a bad situation even worse. Too many of our clients have previously created a nightmare by using bleach or acid, or buying unnecessary filters, or even excavating clogged pipelines.  For the most cost-effective solutions it is important to fully understand the organisms involved, the environmental chemistry, and many other factors.  This is what we do. Our on-site consultations always save the client money in the long run. Long-Term Retainers: Bryo Technologies offers long-term contracts to clients who appreciate  the value of occasional  biological expertise without the expense of hiring a full-time biologist.  With a low-cost retainer we can review technical reports, identify specimens, participate in conference calls, conduct literature searches, contribute to funding proposals, and provide other services that add value to your company.  Toxicity Bioassays: Occasionally a client approaches us with a unique biofouling situation for which there is no known precedent.  In such cases we are prepared to conduct full bioassays in the laboratory to identify the most effective means of control that will not harm other sensitive plants and animals.  Whether it requires flow-through or static testing our bioassay protocols exceed industry standards to provide the most accurate information possible. There is no good substitute for an on-site inspection. Our staff spends much of their time visiting sites where biofouling has reached a critical level. They take specimen samples and gather as much additional information as possible. They meet with decision makers and other knowledgeable people to discuss all possible options. The visit is followed up by a detailed written report and at least one year of additional consultation by phone, email, and fax. 
 Litigation Support: Biofouling often causes serious damage and economic loss.  When litigation is involved our scientific staff can provide the expertise and research capabilities you need to help win your case.