Industrial cooling lagoons are special targets for biofouling because they provide optimal growing conditions throughout the year. A mass of unseen living material accumulating in pipelines or channels may exceed several cubic feet in volume. When it suddenly lets go it can overwhelm filters, disrupt instrumentation, block condensers, and disable emergency circulation systems. This may not be newsworthy, but it is a very common event.Because of the large volumes of water involved chemical treatments may not be the first choice for biofouling control. There are often inexpensive nonchemical solutions available. Seasonal climate, water chemistry, plant configuration, and the fouling species are important factors in designing a cost-effective control strategy.Biofouling typically varies in severity from year to year. We often recommend a monitoring program so you know in advance about any developing threat. Bryo Technologies designs its own monitoring equipment with replaceable test panels to provide reliable, quantitative results. You receive timely, detailed reports with no interference with your system operations.