We are essentially scientists and problem solvers, not salespeople.  Most of our staff hold advanced degrees and have produced a total of 100 scientific publications, book chapters, magazine articles, and technical reports, including descriptions of 14 new species. 
Since the company was founded in 2006 we have provided biofouling solutions for clients around the world, from nuclear power companies to municipalities and golf clubs.Facilities: Our primary workplace is wherever biofouling issues arise. However, we also maintain a facility for invertebrate culturing and water analysis, a microscopy room and small labs for special projects. We also have access to a molecular genetics laboratory and scanning electron microscopy. Through the internet we subscribe to all major scientific databases and are linked to a wide network of other resources. 
International Reach: Aquatic biofouling is a surprisingly complex global issue. Every region has its unique species, climate, and other special features. Solutions that work in irrigation systems of Australia may not be so effective in Dubai or California. We are constantly finding innovative ways to help clients in vastly different climatic, economic and biological situations. 
Operational Protocol: Our clients can expect complete confidentiality regarding their biofouling issues and all contracted work. Bryo Technologies is fully insured and maintains a perfect safety record, both in the laboratory and in the field. We are familiar with the stringent security and training protocols practiced in many industrial settings. Once a job is completed clients receive a full year of consultation by phone, fax, or email at no additional cost.